Harry Potter Day

Today we will be getting sorted, making potions, doing craft and more. Come along in your best potter outfits, or in your house colours if you already know your house.

Speers Point Park

Traveling to Speers point park today to play for most of the day and have a sausage sizzle  lunch. Bring lots of energy and please REMEMBER YOUR HAT.

Walkabout Culture

Today we have some special visitors to the centre, Lauren and Bill will be coming in to share  their Aboriginal culture We will also have basket weaving, dancing, painting and more. Come along and learn something about the oldest culture in the world.

Rock Pool Incursion

Today we will be having an in centre excursion. We will be learning about rock pools and even getting to touch and see some real marine animals. As well as other activities.

Japanese Day

Come along today and learn how to make sushi. Learn about the origins of sushi and the different types. We will also be doing some origami and hiring some sumo suites for some fun Sumo wrestling throughout the day.


It's Spring!!!!! Yay !!! Today let's do some gardening. We will re-plant our garden plus create something to continue growing at home. We will research the types of plants that grow around here and learn about bush tucker plants and bush medicine plants.

Hair Braiding

The children had so much fun with the hair wraps last holidays, we thought this holidays we would do some hair braiding. We have lots of colours available and Beckie and Rae have been practicing their braiding. Come along and we will do our best :)

Slot Cars

Today we have a slot car track coming to the centre. Four by two meters of track to race each other on. Who will emerge victorious? Will the children or the educators win?

Western Sydney Zoo

Our first trip to Sydney in a very long time today, to travel to the new zoo in Western Sydney. Let's see what animals we can find. Bring some comfortable walking shoes and lots of water.