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Berkeley Vale Community Garden

CommunityGarden2Nov2015_3Berkeley Vale Neighbourhood Centre has been actively working with the local community to provide and maintain a community garden in the Berkeley Vale area.  The garden is aimed at building a sense of community and contribution, while growing fresh tasty fruit and vegetables, with some learning on the way about native and indigenous plants, heirloom crops and many other aspects of the garden world.

Please feel free to join us in this wonderful community spirited project.  Come and have a few laughs and share your knowledge or just come and have a stickybeak and tell us what you think of the project.

It is a place without barriers so people from all walks of life are welcome.  It is also a place where future generations can keep connecting.

Click here for our Brochure

To be  an active member of the Berkeley Vale Community Garden, fill out the BVNC Inc Membership Form (see below) and return it to us. Rental of private garden beds is extra. For more information, see our Brochure (above), or contact Gillian on 02 43885801 or email: manager@bvnc.org.au.

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How to Become a Member

Memberships run from 1st January to 31st December of the current year. You can become a member at any time throughout the year. The yearly cost is $2.20.

Please read our Policy and Procedures when applying for membership. You can view or download them here: Berkeley Vale Community Garden Policy and Procedures

You can apply for membership online here: Online Garden Membership Form

OR you can download and print a membership form here: Printable Garden Membership Form

You will see from the form that you need another member as a sponsor. Don’t worry if you don’t know anyone – just bring the form in and we will provide you with a sponsor.

You will also see that all membership applications must be approved by the BVNC Inc Board of Governance.

For all enquiries, contact Gillian on 02 43885801 or email: manager@bvnc.org.au, and we will be happy to help you.

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Berkeley Vale Community Garden is located behind the 1st Scout Hall, Panorama Pde, Berkeley Vale, NSW

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Berkeley Vale Community Garden Facebook Page

Keep up with the Berkeley Vale Community Garden Facebook Page for shared gardening tips, news and information of interest to gardeners.

It also has the latest photos of our members’ working bee efforts, and updates on the progress of our current FACS-funded upgrade project.

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Latest Photos! 2018

24 April 2018

  • Some great photos taken of our garden after the Central Coast Community Garden Network meeting today. Thank you for the great photos. Check out our Community Garden Facebook page at Berkeley Vale Community Garden Facebook Page

9 January 2018

  • Berkeley Vale Neighbourhood Centre has been successful in receiving funds from NSW Govt Family & Community Services Social Housing Community Improvement Fund.
  • A small working bee group on Sunday, 6/1/18 plus a few volunteers during previous week’s have been working to pull out the carpet we initially put throughout the site to reduce the weeds and grass.
  • We will be getting the site further cleared ready for quarter minus to go down to make the pathways disabled access friendlier, putting in a gazebo for sun shelter plus a barbecue and table and bench seating so we can enjoy social activities and workshops a bit more comfortably at the garden.
  • We are just waiting for a letter of approval from Council to receive the funds and then work will hopefully commence in February.

9 Photos

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Photos 2017

Saturday 2nd September 2017

  • Ground prepared for shed donated by Bunnings Tuggerah, and shed (mostly) assembled.
  • Members tidied around the garden beds, did some weeding, planted some corn, zucchini and other seeds.
  • Seeds were watered in, beds watered.

11 Photos

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Berkeley Vale Community Garden History

12th November 2010

  • Development application for usage of the land bordering the Myrtle Brush Park Hall approved.
  • Plans for a working bee of local residents to install fencing, garden beds, tank.
  • 2 tumbling compost bins and a cement laundry tub donated by Nick.

15th May 2011

  • The first section of fencing erected on 11/4/11.
  • A 10,000lt tank purchased and due for delivery to the site on 18/5/11.
  • On 2/5/11, an initial management workshop with 11 attendees, and regular planning meetings organised.

27th May 2011

  • Working bees to clear the area and put a base down for the tank, connect it to the adjacent hall’s gutter for rain collection, clear the garden area of grass and put down a base, put in the raised garden beds, fill with soil.
Community Garden Tank

19th June 2011

  • A trailer load of lamandra and stumps were levered out of the ground through sheer determination from our volunteers.
  • Thank you Nick, Hans, Paul, Ron and Charlotte.
Cleared for tank Hans Nick Hans Paul Ron

25th June 2011

  • Preparing the base for the new tank – new frame built, filled with old sand from The Berkeley Centre’s sandpit and road base. Thanks to Hans, Charlotte, Gill, Ron, Nick and Paul.

20th October 2011

  • Delay due to rain and people being away. On October 8 frame for tank base filled and tank mounted.
  • The tank had to be joined to the hall’s downpipe for water collection as well as having overflow taken away to the storm drain. Thanks to Charlotte, Hans, Ron and Gill.
  • Planning of groundkeeping and beds on site.

24th October 2011

  • The tank now has its tap on so we will be able to start the storing of water for our garden when it rains. Thanks to Ron.
  • Planning of mowing, groundcover, workbench and tub, layout of beds, and funding sources for materials and unfinished fencing.

9th February 2012

  •  After BVNC Inc. funds more fencing, fences go up at the end of January.
  • Rain is making the site very boggy, delaying work. Thanks to Paul for groundkeeping work.
  • Planning of bed layout, transport of beds to site, concrete sink, garden membership, and planting.

25 March 2012

  • Open day for planting and showcasing the community garden a great success.
  • Regular planning meetings continue at Berkeley Centre.[minimal_table]


19 March 2012

  • 2 working bees held this year at the garden. Beds are being prepared for members to use.
  • 3-hour working bees are held on the 2nd Sunday of each month.

11 September 2013

  • More beds completed and filled with soil.
  • Mulch provided for free by a local tree lopping company is being laid over carpet to manage grass and mud.

17 September 2014

  • Working bees now being held on the 2nd Saturday of the month.

25 January 2015

  • Clearing up the overgrown grass, weeding around the site and general tidying up. New people are always welcome.
  • Surplus harvest offered for sale at the working bees.

15 February 2015

CommunityGarden15Feb2015_1 CommunityGarden15Feb2015_2 CommunityGarden15Feb2015_3 CommunityGarden15Feb2015_4 CommunityGarden15Feb2015_5

11 May 2015

CommunityGarden11May2015_1 CommunityGarden11May2015_2 CommunityGarden11May2015_3

11th November 2015

  • Beds moved into a new layout on site. Mulch piled up from recent storms at the park used to mulch the site.
  • Funds obtained to purchase 17.5 cubic metres of quality organic soil to fill the empty beds as well as top up the beds that need extra soil. Thanks to Councillors Best, Greenwald, Matthews and Troy who approved funds for us from the Councillors’ Community Improvement Grants program.
CommunityGarden2Nov2015  CommunityGarden2Nov2015_3

6th May 2016

  • An update on how the garden looks. Garden member and volunteer Tom has worked hard changing the layout.
Community Garden Beds1 Community Garden Beds2 Community Garden Beds3 Community Garden Beds4 Community Garden Beds5

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