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Tuggerah OOSHC Vacation Care


September 25th—October 6th Booking Form

To book your child or children into our next Vacation Care program, please complete the form below.

  • Note you must register each child separately.
  • If you have any questions about the activities in the school holiday program, please ask a staff member of Tuggerah Out of School Hours Care for more information before completing and signing this form.

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Please type the name and required dates for each child you wish to book into the September-October school holidays Vacation Care.

(C)= Centre Day, (CV)= Centre Visit, (E)= Excursion

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Release and Waiver of Liability for Excursions held during the September 25th—October 6th Vacation Care period.

A risk assessment of the destination and activities has been conducted and is available to sight at our centre.

Release and Waiver of Liability – I. Considering Risk:*Required
Release and Waiver of Liability – 2. Reasonable Care and Following Direction:*Required
Release and Waiver of Liability-3. Medical and Emergency Information: *Required
Release and Waiver of Liability – 4. Waiving Liability within the Limits permitted by Law. *Required
Child 1 Name:

Child 2 Name:

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You will be asked to confirm your bookings and sign this waiver on the first day of your child’s vacation care.

Parent/Guardian Signature (to be signed on the first day of your child/ren’s Vacation Care):

Date (Please leave this until you sign):

Please complete the simple arithmetic verification below before you submit the form.

If you have submitted the form successfully, you will see a ‘Thank You’ message and a notification that an email will be sent to your address.

If you have not submitted the form successfully, you will see a small message at the top of the form which says ‘Error, incorrect Security code’. Just enter the correct arithmetic verification again, and submit again.

If you do not see a ‘Thank You’ message, or if you do not receive an email message from us, the booking has been unsuccessful. Please contact us for assistance.