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Energy Account Payment Assistance (EAPA)

EAPA-Icon-2016The Energy Accounts Payment Assistance (EAPA) Scheme helps people experiencing a short term financial crisis or emergency to pay their electricity or natural gas bill. The scheme helps people stay connected to essential energy services during a financial crisis.

How it works: EAPA vouchers are issued by participating providers (e.g, Berkeley Vale Neighbourhood Centre, and our sister Centre, Bateau Bay Neighbourhood Centre). For a list of providers, click here or call Service NSW on 13 77 88.

The EAPA Scheme operates through a voucher system and each voucher is worth $50. The EAPA provider assesses the customer’s situation and determines each case based on individual circumstances. The vouchers issued to the customer will be sent to the retailer electronically by the EAPA provider and the vouchers will be paid to the customer’s account.

To find out more about EAPA you can go to:

EAPA at Berkeley Vale Neighbourhood Centre

If you are at risk of disconnection or in a financial crisis with a bill that is overdue ring us on 4388 5801 to make an appointment. You should bring a copy of your original account and any subsequent correspondence from your energy provider with you. We cannot help with re-connection fees or non-current residential addresses.

We offer this assistance to people who reside in the following areas: Berkeley Vale, Chittaway Bay, Chittaway Point, Fountaindale, and Glenning Valley.

Other Energy Rebates

There are several other kinds of rebates available  to assist people with their energy bills:

  • Family Energy Rebate,
  • Gas Rebate,
  • Low Income Household Rebate,
  • Life Support Rebates,
  • Medical Energy Rebates.

To find out more, go to

Rebate Increase Update 4/9/17

The NSW Government has just announced changes to the Energy Account Payment Assistance (EAPA) program and the energy rebates. For EAPA, the new limits are up to 6 vouchers ($300) per bill and up to 12 vouchers ($600) per year for both electricity and gas accounts. Information about the other rebate changes, which will be implemented ‘as early as possible’ is shown below.

Rebate Current rate pa New rate pa
Low income Household Rebate $235 $285
Family Energy Rebate $150

($15 part payment)


($20 part payment)

Gas Rebate $90
Life Support Rebate up to $1120 up to $1320
Medical Energy Rebate $235 $285
Energy Accounts Payment Assistance


5 x $50 vouchers per bill claim, max twice per year (total $500 annually) 6 x $50 vouchers per bill claim , max twice per year (total $600 annually)

Second Bite Fruit & VegBerkeley Vale Neighbourhood Centre obtains surplus fresh fruit and vegetables through the Second Bite Program, which organises the provision of surplus fresh food to community food programs around Australia.  We obtain our surplus food from Coles at Chittaway Bay.

We normally have fresh fruit and vegetables, and occasionally bread, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Please note that there are occasional times when Coles doesn’t have any produce to give us.

We also often have good quality pantry items such as cereals, sauces, dinner mixes and spices.

We are currently fundraising to start a discount Food Store service at the Centre. If you would like to find out more, go to the GoFundMe page on our Food Store project. If you’d like to contribute, you will be able to support us by donating there.

If you are in need of food help, you are welcome to call us to check what’s available on 4388 5801 or just drop in here at BVNC (go to our Contact Us page to see a location map).

Seniors Internet

internet graphicA  Seniors Broadband Internet Kiosk has been established by Berkeley Vale Neighbourhood Centre  which will be available free of charge to people aged 50 years and over.

BVNC was able to set up the kiosk with funding from the Federal Government’s Broadband for Senior’s project.

The aim of the internet kiosk is to:

  • Provide older people with free access to computers and the internet;
  • Support older people to gain confidence and build skills in using new technology through tutoring partnerships;
  • Address the issue of older people feeling isolated and ‘left behind’ in a rapidly changing technological age; and
  • Build community participation and social inclusion for older people.

The BVNC Seniors Kiosk will provide internet access to seniors so they can send and receive emails, swap files and photos and meet with other seniors who are venturing on to the internet for the first time.

BVNC staff and volunteers will be able to provide tutoring for seniors in computer and broadband use.

The internet Kiosk is located in The Berkeley Centre, 1 Heather Ave, Glenning Valley and the hours of operation will be flexible between 9am to 4pm Monday to Thursday. Anyone interested in arranging a tuition session should contact Gillian Holton on 43885801.

Use of Equipment

By appointment, the following services are available:

For price list of following services please click here

Photo Copying

A colour photocopier is available for public use, when the Centre is open, at a reasonable
fee. This machine will enlarge, reduce and double-side copy. Paper sizes are from A4 to A3.


Is available if you need to type a document, job application, report etc for the cost of a donation. Colour print outs at 50c per page or black & white at 15c per page.

Internet Access

For a small fee, Internet Access is available for those who are yet to connect.


Is available if you have a number of personal or private documents to shred.

There is a Counselling Service available here at BVNC. Counsellor Ali provides couple counselling, individual counselling, relationship counselling, and teenage counselling. You can find out more about her service at

Rates start from $35, with Relationship/Family  Counselling starting from $65. There is a discounted rate for low income earners and concession card holders. For further information on fees or to make an appointment, please contact Ali during business hours by calling 0402 668 952 or  email

Tax Help

Tax Help is currently unavailable at BVNC and is booked out for 2016 at BBNC. Please check Central Coast Council Wyong’s website at this link to find other Tax Help in the 2261 Postcode area.

The Berkeley Centre Room Hire

Please Contact Kay Segal at Wyong Shire Council on 02 4350 5538.