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Thank you for your interest in the Berkeley Vale Community Garden.

The Garden is a great place to grow, connect and learn. It is aimed at building a sense of community and contribution. While growing fresh produce, we learn along the way about native and indigenous plants, heirloom crops and many other aspects of the garden world. Parts of our Garden will remain as Berkeley Vale Neighbourhood Centre’s communal area where we encourage new members to participate in our activities, working bees and events, and we ask you to consider this when you make your application.

Membership is subject to payment of a membership fee. If demand for membership becomes high, a waiting list will be created and applicants may be placed on it. Subject to those applicants still being interested and eligible, membership commences when a place is offered and accepted and the dues paid. The membership officer manages this list and allocations.

Further information about the Berkeley Vale Community Garden is available on our website at

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Organisation Membership is $2.20 for the year from January to December or part thereof.

Garden Membership (below) is annual from the date joined.

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