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The BVNC Inc. Strategic Plan 2015 – 2017


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About the Board of Governance

All financial members of the Berkeley Vale Neighbourhood Centre Inc are eligible to be nominated for the Centre’s Board of Governance (BG). Being on the BG allows you to become more involved in and contribute to our community and the organisation’s activities. The BG has up to 8 members, who not only attend monthly meetings but are asked to participate in or run activities to assist the strategic planning and regular operations of the Centre. Training is offered to BG members to help carry out the duties of the Board.

BG members are normally nominated and elected at the BVNC Annual General Meeting, which will be held in September each year. The BG consists of four office bearers, president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary, and four other members. Vacancies (when there are less than 8 members) can be filled at any time during the year.

Board Membership

BVNC Inc. annually seeks interested people who live or work in the Chittaway Bay/Point, Berkeley Vale, Glenning Valley, Bateau Bay, Killarney Vale and Tumbi areas to become involved by becoming a member of the organisation and possibly joining the Board of Governance. BVNC Inc. currently has places vacant on the Board of Governance and is looking for interested community members to nominate for Board membership.

For enquiries about Board membership: Contact Us.

Strategic Plan

To read our Strategic Plan: BVNC Inc Strategic Plan 2015-2017

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