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A little bit of history…..

Berkeley Vale

In 1990 a new building was erected on the Old School Site (off Shannon Parade, Berkeley Vale). Wyong Shire Council provided funds for its construction whilst Skillshare implemented three landscaping courses around the new building.

The BVNC Inc has been apart of the community since June 1988 when funding was obtained by a community committee through the Central Coast Area Assistance Scheme. In 1990 the funding was taken over by Family and Community Services, and BVNC Inc. moved into a new building on the Old School Site in Berkeley Vale. In January 1994 the now manager, Gillian Holton, commenced with BVNC Inc. and has played a pivotal role in the growth and development of the Berkeley Vale Neighbourhood Centre Inc and its services.

In February 2005, the BVNC relocated from the Old School Site to the new Berkeley Centre at Heather Avenue, Glenning Valley.

BVNC Inc. has been able to establish ongoing funding for a Vacation Care Program, Tuggerah OOSHC, an outreach program in the Pacific Delmar Estate (the Cynthia St Community Centre, now Bateau Bay Neighbourhood Centre) and various groups and one-off projects.

The BVNC Inc. now auspices three organisations, the original Berkeley Vale Neighbourhood Centre,  Tuggerah Out of School Hours Care (which runs Vacation Care), and Bateau Bay Neighbourhood Centre.

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Since 2012, Out of School Hours Care has been funded and regulated by the NSW Department of Education and Communities (DEC). Currently, Tuggerah OOSHC and Vacation Care are funded for 65 Before School Care places, 65 After School Care places and 65 Vacation Care places.

In late 2010 the BVNC Inc, on behalf of Berkeley Vale Neighbourhood Centre and Bateau Bay Neighbourhood Centre, entered the NSW Department of Government Human Services Community Services Community Builders funding program.

Consistently with Community Builders funding priorities, our two Neighbourhood Centres have aimed to provide a capacity-building community resource which connects people to information, services, and each other. We have sought to build community resilience and to improve safety, security and well-being in our local areas. Our Centres have also provided venues and facilities for a range of community-based, non-profit services and activities for local community members, including information, workshops and assistance provided by visiting agencies at our Centres.

Our Service priorities have evolved, and continue to evolve, under current Government policy priorities and funding guidelines, as well as in response to changes in local conditions and in community expectations. We are currently funded under the Community Strengthening stream of FACS’ Targeted Early Intervention model of service priorities and accountabilities. More information about Community Builders, Targeted Early Intervention and the Community Strengthening stream can be found on our Berkeley Vale Neighbourhood Centre Page.

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Donations and Fundraising

[one_half][titled_box title=”BVNC a deducable gift recipient” variation=”blue” bgColor=”#6495ED” textColor=”#ffffff”]WesleyProgrambuttonBVNC inc has been endorsed as a deductable gift recipient. Donations over $2 to the organisation are tax deductable. Your donation will go towards enhancing the services provided by our Neighbourhood Centre projects at Glenning Valley and Bateau Bay as well as the Out of School Hours Care services we provide. It enables these projects to respond to the needs of those most disadvantaged in the community.[/titled_box][titled_box title=”Charitable Fundraising Number” variation=”blue” bgColor=”#6495ED” textColor=”#ffffff”] CFN/24617[/titled_box][/one_half][one_half_last]

ACNC Registered Charity Tick

The Registered Charity Tick is intended to help the public instantly identify a registered charity, and encourage them to visit the Charity Register listing.

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The BVNC Inc Strategic Plan 2015-2017



Our vision for Berkeley Vale Neighbourhood Centre Inc is to develop and build a safe and friendly environment by fostering and encouraging the cohesion and well-being of the members of the community within the Southern Lakes District, Wyong Shire.


To provide a non-discriminatory service which aims to improve the quality of life of the most vulnerable within our local residents focusing on socially and financially disadvantaged children, young people and families

Attainment of our Objective

a) BVNC Inc shall facilitate

  1. Activity and social groups
  2. Support programs
  3. Resources for people who live and work in the Southern Lakes District of Wyong Shire through drop in, information and referral centres

b) BVNC Inc will provide a place where people can relax, make friends, receive practical assistance and emotional support as required to enable them to enhance their quality of life

c) BVNC Inc will continually survey areas of need in co-operation with other agencies and attempt to answer those needs

d) BVNC Inc will promote co-operation between service agencies in order to minimise duplication and fragmentation of effort.

Read our Strategic Plan in full: BVNC Inc Strategic Plan 2015-2017

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